Why birth control pills sometimes fail?

Why birth control pills sometimes fail?

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Birth control methods provide women in an effective way with the tools for family planning and guarantee a full sexual life based on their wishes.

Nowadays, in the pharmaceutical market, a variety of contraceptive methods are available to all women, where the condom or condom remains a contraceptive and barrier method for the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases, even when it is the man who uses it. , you should know that there are condoms for women, its use has not been as widespread but it exists.

One of the most used contraceptive methods is the pill, this consists of tablets with a hormonal formulation, which varies from one pill to another depending on the characteristics of this but with a commonality: Inhibit ovulation and therefore avoid conception, the presentation of these ranges from pills of 21 days where at the end of menstruation comes in the following 7 days or rest, once the 7 days are over, the cycle begins again and the presentation of 28 pills where there are no rest days for what the use is continuous during the whole cycle.

Benefits of the birth control pills

  • Reduces acne, many pills of the combined formulation are used in the dermatological area for the control of acne since part of this disorder has a hormonal component that conditions its appearance.
  • Slow down the process of bone mass reduction, during menopause the hormonal levels decline and one of its consequences is the decrease of bone mass, the contraceptive pills in some cases can be useful to treat the symptoms that accompany this process.
  • Reduces the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome, among these are the colic and the amount of bleeding, a percentage of women claim a decrease in headaches as well.

Is birth control pills safe?

To be effective to the maximum it is necessary to take it properly. It has effectiveness between 91-95% and this is conditioned to the daily intake of the consecutive mantra pill.

Can it fail? Why?

Yes, it definitely can fail, currently few contraceptive methods profile protection of 99-100% however most methods are safe as long as they are used in the right way. In certain circumstances for some reason or situation, a failure occurs and pregnancy may occur, within the most common causes of failure are:

Not having continuity at the time of ingesting the pill, this means that you should always take it at the same time, or failing that in a period of time close to the usual time, this guarantees stability in the hormonal levels. Failing to do so greatly reduces the effectiveness of the pill.

Forget the doses: It must be remembered that the pill is composed of a dose of hormones, daily administration is necessary so that they can exercise their function, the forgetting of one or more doses significantly reduces the effect of the pill, so much so that once that forgetfulness has occurred, it is recommended to take the forgotten dose and use another contraceptive method in the next few days.

Medications: Using other medications simultaneously with contraceptive pill reduces its effect, a wide variety of drugs generates this interaction, among them, are:

  • Antibiotics: This occurs because they alter the intestinal layer thus preventing the complete absorption of the pill: Penicillin’s, tetracyclines
  • Antifungals: Rifampin, fluconazole, Ketoconazole.
  • Anticonvulsants: Phenobarbital, carbamazepine, this type of medicine competes with the contraceptive pill in the place of absorption, it is displaced by what is not absorbed and therefore is not effective.


Other medicines and their effects on pills

Aspirin, is a non-steroidal anticoagulant and analgesic, in this case, this does not act as a reducer of the effectiveness of the pill, on the contrary it can reduce aspirin concentrations and increase the concentrations of the pill and this may favor the appearance of the side effects of the contraceptive or aggravate the existing ones.

Other medicines that interact just like aspirin are Paracetamol, vitamin C, Atorvastatin.