Birth Control Implants

Birth Control Implants

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Even though birth control pills are effective and convenient, there is always the risk of a woman forgetting to take her pills. So this can lead to accidental pregnancy. Some of the other options, such as using an IUD, is certainly not for everyone. This is why a large number of women are starting to turn to birth control implants. This type of birth control involves a small procedure where a tiny product is planted just underneath the skin. Birth control implants are considered relatively effective and offer a long-term solution, so most women can go for as long as five years before the need for a new implant.

What Are Birth Control Implants?

Birth control implants involve the implantation of a small device, often referred to as a “rod,” underneath the skin. The implant is usually done in a woman’s arm, which is an easily accessible area. The current option for women interested in obtaining a birth control implant would be Nexplanon. Previously, there was another type of implant available, but this is not a popular option anymore.

How Does Birth Control Implants Work?

The small rod that is implanted underneath the skin is equipped with a hormone known as progesterone. The device will gradually release progestin in a woman’s body in order to assist in preventing pregnancy following unprotected sex. The progestin hormones that are released into the woman’s body works in different ways to help reduce the woman’s risk of becoming pregnant.

How does Progestin work?

The hormone is known to cause the cervix mucus to become thicker. When this occurs, it means sperm will not be able to swim up toward the fallopian tubes in order to fertilize a woman and impregnate her. This complete avoids the risk of pregnancy. Furthermore, the progestin hormone may also cause eggs to stop being released by the ovaries during the ovulation process. When no egg is found in the fallopian tubes, the sperm will have nothing to fertilize.

Are Birth Control Implants Effective?

Birth control implants are considered very effective. In fact, when placed underneath a woman’s skin in her forearm, the implant is able to provide a 99% protection against pregnancy – only 1 in every approximately 100 people will become pregnant within a one-year period with frequent unprotected sex. The effectiveness of birth control implants is somewhat associated with the fact that there is no need to remember taking any medication on a day-to-day basis since the implant itself will release the appropriate hormones in the woman’s body.

How Much Does Birth Control Implants Cost?

Birth control implants can be a little pricey, but it is important to consider the fact that this implant will last for as long as five years without the need for a replacement rod. The cost can be as high as $1,300. There are certain medical insurance plans that cover these costs.


With birth control implants offering a long-term, cost-effective solution, women are often turning to this method of contraception as opposed to the pill. This method is implanted and then lasts for a period as long as five years. In conclusion, birth control implants are also considered relatively safe for most women and are quick and easy to implant underneath the woman’s skin.