Important facts about the use of contraceptives

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Contraceptives are special methods used to prevent unwanted pregnancies. It can be a medical device or a special device, such as subdermal contraceptives implant, which are inserted into the inner layer of the skin. There is a wide variety of contraceptives, for both women and men, with a diverse variety of effects. The most used contraceptive methods are those that are easier to access and have a higher percentage of effectiveness.

Most used contraceptive methods

Among the most widely used contraceptive methods is its high effectiveness, low cost, and easy accessibility, many of them can be purchased in a pharmacy without a prescription. For the year 2014, in the United States and in the countries of the European Union, the use of contraceptives had increased by 23% in comparison with studies carried out in 2008, due to an intense information campaign about the use of contraceptives, in addition, to facilitate its accessibility to the public.

Among the reasons why these contraceptive methods are the most used highlights

Male condom

The percentage of prevention of sexually transmitted diseases, such as HIV, HPV, and hepatitis, is higher, close to 96% because it is an effective barrier method. The percentage of effectiveness as a contraceptive method is 92% if application use is correct.

It is one of the oldest and most common contraceptive methods, it is one of the most economical and safest to avoid sexually transmitted infections. Its use has spread throughout the world and is one of the most common contraceptive methods.

Oral contraceptives

The use of oral contraceptives has increased in recent years, close to 12%, in Europe is one of the main contraceptive methods used for its easy accessibility and low price. In recent years educational campaigns have increased in favor of the use of oral contraceptives since they have a high percentage of effectiveness as a contraceptive method.

One pill should be taken every day, at the same time, so that this method has high effectiveness. In the United States, its consumption has not increased as fast as in Europe. This contraceptive method does not protect against sexually transmitted diseases, such as HIV.

Subdermal contraceptive implants

Being the least common of all, it also has a high percentage of effectiveness, being greater than oral contraceptives and contraceptive injections. This method of contraception consists of a small device that is inserted into the inner layer of the skin, in an ambulatory surgical procedure that lasts less than 30 minutes. Its effectiveness is greater than 96%. This method is the least used in the United States and in Europe.

Contraceptive injections

An applied injection that protects for 30 days after its application. Its use is greater than the subdermal implant, it is one of the most used contraceptive methods by women, especially in the United States. It is a very low cost and easy to access method, in addition to having few side effects.

Most used contraceptive methods in the United States

  • 53% use the monthly injection.
  • 25% contraceptive pills.
  • 14% of condoms.
  •  8% subcutaneous implant.

Most used contraceptive methods in the European Union

  • 39% contraceptive pills.
  • 35% use the monthly injection.
  • 14% of condoms.
  • 8% subcutaneous implant.