Birth Control App

Birth Control App

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Approximately 60% of couples around the world, who are able to have children use various birth control methods. However, the choice of these methods varies from country to country. The most common method in the developed world are oral contraceptives and condoms. Meanwhile, in developing countries, 35% of birth control is via female sterilization. Other 30% uses IUDs, 12% is via oral contraceptives, 11% uses condoms, and 4% is via male sterilization. Furthermore, most of the users are not aware of the dangerous side effects of these contraceptive methods and devices.

Birth control app: Natural Family planning app for not getting pregnant, calculates your infertile days after menstrual period. In this birth control app, day 1 to 7 and, also day 21st onwards are considered as infertile days. Above all, It is the most effective natural method for couples who want to avoid hormonal and surgical birth control options. Birth control app supports the Roman Catholic view of contraception since it a form of periodic abstinence. Similarly, all world religions opposes the destruction of an embryo or using anything that causes harm to the human body. In fact, birth control app is developed for those who want to use sin-free contraception.

Use of this birth control app is limited to those with a regular menstrual period ranging from 26 – 32 days. So the effectiveness of calendar-based birth control options depends upon how it used. Proper use of natural family planning methods is so effective as male condoms or female diaphragm. Furthermore, the effectiveness of birth control varies from user to user and methods to methods. It is important to contact your doctor before using any type of birth control method. Finally the end user must have a thorough knowledge of the method they are using.

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