Birth Control Options

Birth Control Options

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Birth control method selection is a difficult task for couples, because they have to consider various aspects of effectiveness, and side effects associated with their birth control options. More than 45% of the couples in their fertile age use their choice of birth control methods worldwide.
It is important to know about the various birth control methods and how it is working in order to avoid pregnancy and plan the timing of pregnancy.

For more than thousands of years, people have been using different birth control methods. However, presently there are few safe and most effective birth control methods that couples can select from.

Types of Birth Control Methods

Birth control which can also be referred to as contraception is designed purposely to prevent pregnancy.
Contraceptive methods are classified in different groups, such as:

  • Hormonal methods
  • Barrier methods
  • Use of Intrauterine Devices
  • Sterilization
  • Behavioral methods
  • Emergency contraception
  • Dual Protection methods

How do birth control methods help to prevent STD?

It is also important to note that these birth control methods can affect you and your partner’s health. When selecting a birth control method, there are few things that need to be considered. Some of which include the possibility of HIV/AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases (STD). To prevent sperm, blood and vaginal secretions from passing through one partner to another; so use a male condom or female condom. Whereas each of the options listed above has different advantages and disadvantages. Some options are free and affordable, while others can be very costly in the event that they are not subsidized by medical coverage. So you can take a decision on which option is best for you. In addition to this, there is a need for you to review all the options and talk thoroughly with your partner and your doctor.

How do contraceptives work?

I. Preventing the sperm from reaching the eggs. Condoms, diaphragms, cervical caps, and contraceptive sponges are commonly included in this group. Generally, condoms may be helpful in preventing sexually transmitted diseases.

ii. Preventing the woman’s ovaries from releasing eggs that might be fertilized. Birth control methods that serve this purpose include contraceptive pills, patches, injections, vaginal rings, and emergency contraceptive pills.

iii. IUD’s, devices implanted into the uterus. Thus they can remain in this place for several years. So, you don’t have to change it frequently. In this case, you must be aware of its expiry time.

iv. Female sterilization that permanently prevents a woman from getting pregnant. In the meantime, you must be aware of the reversal options associated with them. Some sterilization methods are reversible whereas some are not reversible.

Individual choice of the birth control method is determined by a number of factors. These include and not limited to health, the frequency of sexual activity, number of sexual partners and the desire to have children in the future. Get in touch with your doctor as they are in the best position to help in selecting the method that is best for you.

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